Babymetal – Eh? Ehhhhhhh ehhhhhhh ehhh? EHHHHHHHHHHH?



I originally interviewed the girls waaaaay back in November 2014 when they destroyed the Brixton Academy in London with one of the most ridic shows I’ve ever seen. Before the show I was lucky enough to catch up with the wee scamps and I totally asked them a bunch of bizarre questions intentionally and -as you will read – not so intentionally.

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Ling Tosite Sigure – Live Review



Ling Tosite Sigure (AKA Sigure) returned to the UK to play London’s Inigo at the O2 on Saturday July 11.

“Hi everyone, we are Ling Tosite Sigure. Please enjoy our crazy Japanese sound. Thank you” announces lead guitarist and singer Toru ‘TK’ Kitajima, just before the band embarks on 45 minutes of one of the most compelling live shows I have seen recently. Read the rest of this entry

Brand New Idol Society Are Back – Kinda


As many visitors to my once world famous food blog know I almost poisoned myself cooking with Fairy Liquid. As a consequence of this near death experience I must have suffered brain damage because all I’ve been doing since is writing about Japanese music. Aside from the obvious Babymetal, another band that really caught my ear in 2014 was the terribly controversial ‘anti girl’ Idolcore band called Brand New Idol Society. Read the rest of this entry

Derek Acorah to sue Rhyl town council after getting beaten up by yobbo ghosts.



oh god

Originally posted on Denbighshire tomorrow, today.:

A POPULAR TV psychic was filming in Rhyl this week for the hit TV show ‘Most Haunted’.

The trip was cut short however, after he was found on the pavement of Edward Henry Street flailing his arms and shouting incoherently. When passers by eventually stopped to help, Acorah claimed a gang of Burberry clad ghosts had assaulted him and was admitted to Bodelwyddan hospital.

acyThe TV star was physically unharmed, and discharged himself before being seen to by the psychiatric specialist.

“I should be free to go about my job without the threat of being attacked like this. They approached me and told me I was on their turf, all I wanted to do was find out if they had any messages for the living.” he said.

The only message here was Acorah receiving what he claims are ‘spiritual wounds’. He has begun proceedings to sue the town council and while…

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VAMPS: Rock n Roll Isn’t Supposed to be Healthy



Not be confused with the British band of the same name, this Japanese rock act have been making quite an impression internationally with their brand of hard rock and unique  image.

I was fortunate to catch up with them online and asked founding members HYDE and K.A.Z their thoughts on vampires, time travel and, erm, internet marketing. Read the rest of this entry

Malaysia Day 11 And 12


Day 11IMG_2779[1]

So me and GF were in Langkawi and were all like “What shall we do today” when we saw this amazingly professional advert for a ‘Bad Cave Exploration’ and I was all like “what the hell is a bad cave exploration?” and my GF was all like “maybe the bats turn out to be flesh-eating monsters, never satiated until the last drop of human blood has been spilled” and I was all like “nah, it would be like that James Cameron film where they go to explore some caves and it rains and the caves get flooded and most of them die” . Read the rest of this entry