Folks Find My World Famous Site By Typing In Mental Things To Google Part 1,000900,00099


celiac blog colgate toothpaste made me sick

the fly telepod

my elderly cat just sucks the jelly off the cat food

hearties fish

best search engine to find people

cum on food egg white

can i put tomato in my playdough

is it ok for my cat to eat a bit of my chicken

how do you call those big fish fingers

what are ingridiant ar mix in colgat tothpast

how to mix cum with food so they don’t notice

bring back real sugar puffs, they actually tasted of honey

i’m happy with me pot noodle


More food antics soon.

Tell me what stuff to cook on Twitter if you’re super bored tho’

Office Fridge Foraging Challenge



So I’m working in this office (that’s me on the left up there, obviously) and I’m thinking what if I emailed the whole company asking:

Has anyone got stuff in the fridge I can use to cook something with this lunch time?  You’ll get a mention on my world famous website

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Authentic Malaysian Coconut Curry


chilli poweder

So I’m over at my GF’s and she says she is going to cook a traditional Malaysian curry on account of her being from Cardiff, home of traditional Malaysian fayre. I think she might be pulling my leg as she’s actually Malaysian, not Cardiff and no one from Cardiff has seen a Malaysian anyway.

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