Malaysia Day 11 And 12


Day 11IMG_2779[1]

So me and GF were in Langkawi and were all like “What shall we do today” when we saw this amazingly professional advert for a ‘Bad Cave Exploration’ and I was all like “what the hell is a bad cave exploration?” and my GF was all like “maybe the bats turn out to be flesh-eating monsters, never satiated until the last drop of human blood has been spilled” and I was all like “nah, it would be like that James Cameron film where they go to explore some caves and it rains and the caves get flooded and most of them die” . Read the rest of this entry

Seven Japanese Acts To Watch In 2015


I’m off to Malaysia for an epic two week adventure of stuffing myself with amazing food and getting a proper sun tan cos it’s about 90 degrees and sunny as f*ck! Yay!

But before I do I thought I’d share my thoughts on what Japanese bands are going to create a stir in 2015 because, well, because I feel like it.

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