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The Chiquito Experience


I was out with a friend who was also a girl and a mystery shopper and she asked me along to some top secret research gig at Chiquito’s Mexican bar and grill in Glasgow and I was all like Arriba! and shit like that. Continue reading “The Chiquito Experience”

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Shoes – A Guest Post By Jacob Skelton

Last night I did a silly thing. Whilst watching the first half of the England game in the soccer ball world football competition I rashly commented that I would eat a shoe if Wayne Rooney putted a try into the basket. I clearly know nothing about football. Then the sodding bastard scored. So now I must now eat a shoe… Continue reading “Shoes – A Guest Post By Jacob Skelton”

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Rig Bike Store Is Ace!


I got this at Rig Bike Store in Glasgow where all the bike messengers hang out. This is a pulled pork chiabatta wit nachos, assorted dipping things and it was lovely. It only cost me £3 which is CHEAP!

So if you’re ever in Glasgow pop over to Rig bike store on the corner of West Regent Street and West Campbell Street and say hi to Ingrid and Brian while you’re there.

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Folks Find My Famous Site Using Search Engines Part 3

And they keep getting stranger and stranger…

the goodness in eating grass

damien hirst human skull in space

can of iron bru up a chicken

cat gely

when i was a baby auto biography

kentucky fried chicken, my dog, gravy

what does can of irn bru up chicken when cooking do??

mushrooms vs toadstools

Well there we go and as usual here is where I tell you about the Observer Food Monthly awards: I’m gunning for best food blog and if you find this concept as funny as I do then vote for me here.

Working up the courage for my next blog post FYI hence the short one here.