Myfoodeeblog All Over The International Media

“The biggest f*ck you to pretentious food-douchey-blogs with their $1,200 cameras, their $700 lenses and their snooty bragging of what cool restaurant they managed to get a sponsored meal at. It’s great!” –

“Food blogger creates ‘gourmet’ Chinese stir-fry using tinned cat meat and documents the results”  –Daily Mail

“He’s cooked with grass, Spam, tripe and a host of other unusual food items” –Australian News

“… adventurous food blogger who plays Iron Chef with food products formerly known as “inedible”Jezebel

“As one can imagine, these experiments often lead to less than pleasant results”Huffpost

Is downing a pint of Fairy Liquid genuinely a good hangover cure? Short answer, no” –New Statesman

“The most hilarious review of plane food ever” –

“Ten sam człowiek podjął kolejne wyzwanie i próbuje zrobić jakieś jadalne danie z pastą do zębów” –Joemonster (Poland)

“真的美食家,敢吃猫粮、牙膏和青草” –Jandan (China)

ABC Perth Western Australian Breakfast Radio

I also blog at huffingtonpost don’t you know

8 thoughts on “Myfoodeeblog All Over The International Media

  1. Patum Peperium, Gentleman’s Relish.
    Try it, its a fishy delight but you have to grow a moustache and wear tweed to enjoy it to its full potential.

  2. What about Marigold braised tofu- yes, it’s the rubber glove company, but it’s also amazing in a casserole. Unfortunately it looks like cat food.

  3. Hello,

    My name is Sangwoo Kim, a recent grad from Tufts University who majored in Econ and Art History.

    As a food lover, your blog is my ‘go-site’ whenever I crave for food.

    And as a fellow food lover who has knowledge in Korean food, I want to propose writing a guest post to your website explaining 5 must-visit Korean food places in Boston with descriptions of food.

    I think your visitors would be very interested in seeing such a post,
    given how popular Korean food is getting.

    So let me know your thoughts on this,
    Have a great day,

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