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Carrot And Orange Soup For £1

I spent all but £1 of my hard-earned cash on champagne and prostitutes so I needed to totally cook something amazing on a mega tight budget. I figured vegetables are cheap so I went down to the local grocery store and bought an onion, an orange and some carrots… Continue reading “Carrot And Orange Soup For £1”

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Pork Belly

Say what you like about Big G, this pork belly recipe looks thoroughly lovely…

And if you have any ideas for what I should blog about, leave a comment. Update tmoz.

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Cooking With Jack Munroe

Busking with Billy Bragg - video

I’m a really big fan of Jack Munroe, a blogger who writes for the Guardian on account of her making stuff on a really tight budget. She’s great! And I’m in no way jealous or angry or miffed that she is now mega successful and goes on TV and radio shows and I’m sat here in Glasgow with no new IT contracts in a cold flat staring out the window into another faceless, grey day. And it’s pissing with rain and it’s cold, and GOD DAMMIT JACK MUNROE I’LL SHOW YOU AND THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER! I’LL SHOW YOU PROPER FOOD BLOGGING!! Continue reading “Cooking With Jack Munroe”