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Felix As Good As It Looks Cat Food With Chicken In Jelly


Ever since we kept cats when I was a child have I wondered what cat food actually tastes like so it was with a steely determination that I headed down to my local grocery shop! Continue reading “Felix As Good As It Looks Cat Food With Chicken In Jelly”

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I need your help!

I’ve been flooded with recommendations for what to cook with next but I have no idea where to get some of them. Maybe one of you lovely people could send me?

I am SUPER excited about getting hold of some of these:

  • Tinned bread – I salute the inventor
  • Vegetarian tinned breakfast – It does what it says on the tin
  • Gugar – no idea!  Been told it’s impossibly acquired
  • Gentleman’s Relish – could you also send a mustache, a tweed jacket and the year 1927

I will be updating the blog tomorrow with something I picked up down the local grocery store. It. Is. Astonishing.