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Cooking With Charles Saatchi

cs2So, I’m a big art fan and love Damien Hirst and his cool, original and not at all plagaristic or derivative artwork, and I also love Nigella Lawson so I was all thinking, “why on Earth haven’t I cooked something for Charles Saatchi, the middle part of this Venn Diagram?”

But what to cook for Charles? Looking to the interwebs, it appears he knows how to treat a nice bit of meat…

cs1Pity that doesn’t extend to his ex-wife 😦

So with this in mind I pop off to my professional chef’s kitchen fridge and return with the following:

lambAn amazing shoulder of lamb, which I have held up to the… uhhh… light so you can get a good look..

Next, I choose some mixed root vegetables and have a bit of trouble opening the difficult celophane wrapping so have to use a bit of force:

packet of veg

And transfer the lamb and vegetables to a roasting tray…

lamb b4 oven

Oh yeah, so super sexy.

And I’m thinking here that I need to add a bit of liquid to the ingredients so my lamb stays nice and moist so alight on the following:


A can of Stella Artois and a bottle of red.

The final step is to transfer the lamb, vegetables and wine, beer and some thyme (just added) to a oven at 180c for 20 mins….after which I will turn down the heat to 115c for 2 hours:

in the oven

As I’m whiling away the 2 hours I decide to prepare some salt:

Anyway, after spending hours chopping up salt and drinking beer, looking out of windows and crushing peanuts, I remove the lamb from the oven:

outa oven

Done to a turn!

Next up, I make a jus from the remains in the tray and as carefully as possible fashion this astonishing work of art:


annnnnd how’s it taste?

The lamb is incredibly delicate and the vegetables are wonderfully caremelised. If I’m being critical, the sauce is a fraction bitter from the beer and could have been richer. Maybe I could have roasted for a bit longer to extract more flavour from the rendered fat or used more wine (I used half a bottle, prob should have used a whole one, but I drank the other half, like, obviously).

Overall, Charles would be super proud, and that’s cool cos I wouldn’t want him smashing up the place in furious anger because of my culinary shortcomings…

So, if you have cooked with roast lamb recently or if you don’t think I treated the meat with the respect it deserved you might want to head over to my facebook page to chat with other food lovers etc.

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