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I need ideas

moa and yui

Right food fans, they’re having an office bake-in (or bake-off, I dunno which) next week and I need ideas for what to bake and feed my colleagues. Must be edible, interesting and not likely to get me fired.

ps, have some er, very colourful music from Japan that isn’t Babymetal

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Purina DeliBakie Dog Snacks – Cheese and Meat Flavour


I was down my local Tesco Metro looking for tinned tomatoes when it struck me I hadn’t eaten dog food before. So I ran round to the pet convenience section and spotted these tasty treats and totally bought them!

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Snack a Jacks Rice and Corn Cakes


During my last contract I spent enough time hanging around the staff kitchen to know that these rice cakes things were an integral part of any girl about town’s dieting regime. Ever since I have wondered “what is it about them that makes girls so miserable?”

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