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Sugar Puffs

sugar puffs

So I was milling around my local grocery store looking for something to eat for breakfast when I came across this! I remembered loving Sugar Puffs as a child so I skipped home as fast as I could so I could start my next amazing food adventure! 

But many of my American or Polish fans or the young folks out there might not remember Sugar Puffs and in particular the Honey Monster:

I haven’t seen this advert since I was like, 3. And looking back with adult glasses I see Honey Monster is actually a hideously deformed freak; a contorted mass of fur and rage; it has a hunch back; it has the cold dead eyes of a remorseless killer. Honey Monster cannot be stopped. He has the rage of many men. He will kill over and over and his taste for human flesh can never be satiated. By the way, the poor chap in that commercial is dead now because he was ripped to bloody stumps by that thing. FACT. 

Anyway, I need to concoct something amazing with Sugar Puffs. But what?

I reckon I can combine a few choice ingredients and bake some kind of breakfast cereal cake!

banana and wjeetabix

baby food

Here I have some Wheetabix, a banana, and some of that baby food from another blog entry and I’m going to do two cereal cakes: the first having Wheetabix, baby food, topped with Sugar Puffs and the second Sugar Puffs topped with banana and sugar:

into the oven

And I pop these into my hot (190c) professional chef’s oven for 45 mins. The theory here is that I want the ingredients to really caremalise and bind together….that’s the theory but I have no idea whether it will work out.

At this point I’m also wondering what Honey Monster would have done and I reckon he wouldn’t have made anything but would be playing with the blood of some of his victims. Either that or masturbating

Annnnnnyway, after 45 mins, lets have a look:

finished dish

They are certainly caremalised and the one with the Sugar Puffs on top looks like it’s been through the center of the sun. Oh deary me. The one with bananas and sugar on top looks passable but just.

And how do they taste?

The one with Wheetabix and Sugar Puffs on top is really quite hopeless. It’s like trying to eat soil, burnt soil, it is also super horribly dry. Fail.

The one with banana and sugar on top is actually edible if maybe a fraction over done; I like the caramelised bananas and although the underlying Sugar Puffs are drier than ghandi’s flip flops I eat most of it. Very tentative pass.

So, my experiments with cereal cake were pretty lame to be honest but I had lots of fun hooking up with old childhood memories even if one of them turned out to be an evil killer.

Anyway, have YOU tried a cereal cake or do you want to chat with other food geeks about, erm, food? If you do, head over to facebook.

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