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Office Fridge Foraging Challenge


So I’m working in this office (that’s me on the left up there, obviously) and I’m thinking what if I emailed the whole company asking:

Has anyone got stuff in the fridge I can use to cook something with this lunch time?  You’ll get a mention on my world famous website

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Malibu Caribbean Rum With Coconut


I was round my friend’s house and looked in the fridge and saw this bottle and was all like super happy because it was rainy and miserable outside and it reminded me of hot summer days lounging around on a beach that has palm trees and coconuts.

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Fray Bentos ‘Classic’ Steak & Kidney


During my daily errands to my local Tesco Metro I will at some point walk past a tin of Fray Bentos but I have never really considered it an actual foodstuff so mostly ignore it. But all that changed when I had a dream last night where I was on top of a mountain and it was being attacked by Fray Bentos alien flying saucers and I was trying to shoot them down with vegetables, forks and copies of Gordon Ramsey’s latest cookery book. The metaphors were too strong to ignore, I simply had to buy! Continue reading “Fray Bentos ‘Classic’ Steak & Kidney”