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Malibu Caribbean Rum With Coconut


I was round my friend’s house and looked in the fridge and saw this bottle and was all like super happy because it was rainy and miserable outside and it reminded me of hot summer days lounging around on a beach that has palm trees and coconuts.

So what’s inside the bottle and what does it taste like?

Very sweet indeed and coconutty but I have a sweet tooth so I quite like it. But the question remains: what am I going to do with it?

Well, my friend is a pro chef and gave me this book to look at because she reckoned that Malibu would work well as part of a classic dish such as….

DSC_0195humiliated crab

Or even the stunning…

DSC_0200Anthropomorphised Chicken Spatchcock with realistic googly eyes…

And that was all the inspiration I needed to come up with a twist on a stunning classic Italian fusilli pasta dish of chicken breast and a deliciously sweet and creamy Malibu and rosemary sauce!


This is cooking on the edge!

I start by frying the chicken and rosemary in some olive oil:


After about 3 minutes cooking on a high heat, or until the chicken has just started to colour, I deglaze with about 25mls Malibu:


The final step is to add 50mls single cream, a good nob of feta cheese, a squeeze of lemon for cut, salt and pepper for taste and to serve over the al dente pasta:

DSC_0204Pollo Con Malibu Fusilli!

Annnnnd how’s it taste?

Well, the rosemary works; the feta, cream, lemon, salt, fusilli, pepper, they all work….but the Malibu comes in waving it’s massive coconuts all over the place and makes everything taste like a bizarre sweet porridge. It’s edible but sure isn’t something I recommend you try, but I tell you what, you can certainly do it without the Malibu for a really nice chicken and pasta dish. Maybe use fresh parmesan for a real umami kick. mmmmmm…..

That got you feeling hot hot hot? Got some maracas? Funny holiday stories? A good pasta recipe? Then you can share all of these and so so much more over on the facebook page. And twitter. And maybe huffpost.


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