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Goody Cao Chocolate Paradise

good cao

So a good friend is leaving for Spain and left me this packet of stuff.

He also left me this:


But what to do?

Chocolate? Pineapple? There’s only ONE place I can take this! I’m going to create a fantasy island in my professional chef’s kitchen called Chocolate Paradise Island where I will serve delicious pineapple and chocolate cocktails to my friends:

momo and blue thing

The first thing I’m going to do is to hollow out the pineapple and use that as a base for whatever cocktail I’m making and I’m going to keep the shell of the pineapple and use this to make a happy halloween gollem waiter to serve up the cocktails on Chocolate Paradise Island because on Chocolate Paradise Island every day is Halloween:

hollow oninedfefwfe

As my friend Julie creates a stunning backdrop for my cocktail party I’m going to fire over to the fridge and drinks cabinet to see what we have:

drinks list

I reckon I can make a great cocktail here: Goody Cao and pineapple smoothy with cream and Havanna Dark Rum

pineaplle collider

and Julie is going to make a Jack Daniels, wine, magnum ice cream, double cream, sugar and she’s going to serve over ice and will top with banana slices. Julie is obviously shit-faced.

2013-09-07 22.18.03

So lets try those cocktails

My one is incredible; the pineapple smoothy, cream and rum with that little bit of sprinkled Chocolate Paradise work wonderfully. Ok, lets try Julies….

oh..fcking hell. The wine has curdled the cream, its waaay too strong and there’s too much sugar.

So lets serve those up on Chocolate Paradise Island (I’ve also made sure there are plenty of Christmas fairy lights because on Chocolate Paradise Island every day is Christm.. etc etc):

Happy faces all round!

So, have you made your own fantasy island while still massively hungover? You have? Great! tell me all about it on the facebook page!

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