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Amazing Pictures Of Food


My Facebook friends like to take pretty pictures of food and they also like to make comments about their amazing creations!

“Spinach kale and grapes…. For lunch!”

kale smoothy

Liquidised frogs for dinner

“Mi primero arroz de matanzas…. Sin comparacion al mejor arroz de matanzas de la isla en es Ipunto Es Pins.. Pero se quedado genial!”


Which translates to “I vomit placenta”

“Para el ultimo domingo del año un Arrozito Marinera…. Feliz 2013. Faceamigos!”

paella 2

I vomit placenta AND nuclear falout

“Yum yum, thanks John! x”

thanks john

Yeah. thank’s John.

“Thank goodness for Aunt Bessies on a school night”

“erm, what is it?”

“Haha… it’s toad in the hole!”

toad in the hole

Turd in the hole.

“Valentine’s dinner doesn’t get much better than this – even at Valentines!”


Only if your date is a wild animal

“Ok.. Maybe I could force some down..! ;)”

asparagusyeah! F*ck the asparagus! Wooo!

“Lunch for today, thankyou xxxx!!”

shaved parmesan

 Aye, and thank’s for the dandruff too, ya bitch!

Comments? Off to facebook wit ya!


I write dumb things about food

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