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Autumnal Fayre


So I was wandering around the local park and I took this amazing picture of some leaves and was all teary eyed thinking about the beauty of nature and how wonderful things are. And it got me thinking: nature’s larder is at its most stunning during this incredible season!

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Cooking With Jack Munroe

Busking with Billy Bragg - video

I’m a really big fan of Jack Munroe, a blogger who writes for the Guardian on account of her making stuff on a really tight budget. She’s great! And I’m in no way jealous or angry or miffed that she is now mega successful and goes on TV and radio shows and I’m sat here in Glasgow with no new IT contracts in a cold flat staring out the window into another faceless, grey day. And it’s pissing with rain and it’s cold, and GOD DAMMIT JACK MUNROE I’LL SHOW YOU AND THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER! I’LL SHOW YOU PROPER FOOD BLOGGING!! Continue reading “Cooking With Jack Munroe”

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Californian Ultra Foraging Adventure


In California they love their diets and one of the most popular is the ultra foraging diet where you can only eat what you find. So this got me thinking “I wonder if I can forage around my home-style chef friend’s garden and the local neighborhood and come up with something ultra amazing, something even more ultra amazinger-sherzinger than my adventures with grass?”

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