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Dominoes Pizza Experience

carnuivalke range

I was at my GF’s house and she said this landed through her letterbox and I was so excited I began crying at the prospect of ordering something delicious and fun and badly spelled!

So, what’s inside the menu?


All kinds of incredible options! From the unbelievably Italian Texas BBQ, to the outrageous Mighty Meaty; we were in for a real treat. After 30 minutes of fighting and squabbling like two cats on crack we eventually decided to get a large pizza with half the topping Tandoori Hot and the other Mexican Hot. We also ordered some dough balls because we figured 1000 calories each just wouldn’t get us through American Masterchef we were watching later.

After 30 minutes the delivery boy arrived and looked exactly like this:


Except he wasn’t as badly Photoshopped.

arrived boxes

Anyway, what’s inside the boxes and what do they taste like?


All right!

Yes, I know you’re thinking “I write a food blog yet I am unable to capture the quintessential essence of my food. How does Colin do it?”

Yes, I agree, that picture doesn’t do the meal justice, so lets get a close up:

lumps of dough


Cheesy doughballs! These tasted nice; cheesy and Doughy.

On to the pizza:

close up 2

I didn’t like the onions on the Mexican Hot one because I don’t like onions much but my Indian Hot one was quite nice but maybe too much cumin on the chicken slices though.

Next I tried some of the dipping sauce:

This worked pretty well and balanced the flavours in the pizza. It could maybe have worked with a bit more cut or lemon juice.

And there you have it! Overall I would say my Dominoes pizza delivery experience was good, although maybe a bit calorific for my diet and maybe I would have liked more dipping sauce ‘cos that was great.

But have you ordered a Dominoes Pizza before? What did you think? Was the Pizza delivery boy Photoshopped too? No? OK. What flavours did you get? Don’t you think people should stop putting so many ingredients on a pizza and just leave it as Mozzarella, tomato base and basil leaves? Or is that just me being all puritanical?


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2 thoughts on “Dominoes Pizza Experience

  1. I once ordered garlic bread from Domino’s and it tasted fishy to me. I haven’t been back since.

    To be fair, this was 20 years ago so they may have improved since then.

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