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Gamba’s Seafood Restaurant

gamba ‘Glasgow’s Finest Seafood restaurant’, allegedly.

Just been to this place on West George street for lunch. Really wish I hadn’t. Great service aside, the food was over priced and sub standard. I had a vegetarian linguine (oh the ironies in a seafood restaurant!) and GF had some fish soup ‘stuff’. My linguine was doused with reduced balsamic vinegar and the linguine was not anywhere near the al dente it should have been. The sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese didn’t really do much except add a slightly salty and piquant edge to the dish. Oily too. Yum! Speaking of salt, I don’t who seasoned GF’s soup but I charge that it was saltier than the dead sea; a bargain at 10 pounds!

But the reason I’m writing this short review is because our bill had a £1 donation for some fishermen’s mission automatically added in. Listen, I’m not against charity donations and all that but don’t force me to pay them, it should be optional.

So overall, good service, very average food; over priced, presumptive billing.

Rogano’s piss all over Gamba’s, basically.


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