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I need your help!

I’ve been flooded with recommendations for what to cook with next but I have no idea where to get some of them. Maybe one of you lovely people could send me?

I am SUPER excited about getting hold of some of these:

  • Tinned bread – I salute the inventor
  • Vegetarian tinned breakfast – It does what it says on the tin
  • Gugar – no idea!  Been told it’s impossibly acquired
  • Gentleman’s Relish – could you also send a mustache, a tweed jacket and the year 1927

I will be updating the blog tomorrow with something I picked up down the local grocery store. It. Is. Astonishing.


I write dumb things about food

4 thoughts on “I need your help!

  1. Gentlemans Relish is an anchovy paste available in Sainsburys and Waitrose, likely all the rest too. It usually lives near the Marmite. Use sparingly, very salty, great on buttery toast.

  2. I’m pretty sure the vegetarian breakfast in a tin is next to other tinned stuff like beans and spaghetti in super markets. I thought I was a food encyclopaedia, but I’ve never heard of gugar as a foodstuff.. all I could find with that name is some obscure tiny tribe in Pakistan. Was who ever suggested that as an ingredient implying you should take up cannibalism?

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