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Malaysia Days 9 & 10

Day 9

Not much to write home about seeing as we arrived into Langkawi late afternoon. Suffice to say we didn’t spend much time looking for amazeballs food and this is all I could be bothered ordering from some small restaurant for early evening dinner:


Mutton curry(nice), vegetable curry (nice), honey chicken curry (sweet and nice), deep fried beef (crunchy and sweet and nice), and a whole bunch of other random stuff I picked from the help yourself counter for the princely sum of 1 pound fifty including a 7-UP.

Then we went back to our hotel and started watching a film, but I got hungry and ordered beef rendang from room service:


This was really rich and nice and the beef was quite tender. But being room service it was quite expensive and cost something like 7 pounds.

Day 10

Today was such a tough day! I mean, cold and raining and not in any way spent tripping around some amazing beaches in 30 degrees and wall to wall sunshine:


After our hell on Earth day trip, we headed back to Kuah on Langkawi where we found a very backstreet Thai place:


As you can see it was fairly rustic, but something told me it was going to be very good; especially as the menu was all in foreign and GF had to translate it for me.

10966480_925574884133654_473000686_n (1)

This is Thai fried rice which came with squid, egg and kale. It was well balanced but nothing incredible.

We also ordered some Tom Yum soup:


And let me say this: all other Tom Yum soups shall now be judged against this one. The base was perfectly balanced and a whole bunch of spices including lemon grass, lime leaves, galangal, chilies and some celery type thing I’ve never had before, added up to a very intense tasting experience. Cost of both dishes including 2 drinks, a ridiculous 3 pounds 30 pence!

So that was day 9 and 10 and I only have 3 more days left before I return to cold and miserable UK <sad face>. But maybe you can cheer me up by telling me your favourite travel story? Or maybe your best sunburn joke? And you can totally do that here or on Twitter!


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