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Rolnik Patisony Marynowane


I was in my local Polish delicatessen and saw this jar of beautiful yellow things. I haven’t the faintest idea what they are but reckon these far eastern delights must be delicious as the cashier woman smiled warmly at me when I bought them.

So what’s inside the jar?

inside jar

Wow! They look like a cross between chestnuts, stuffed pasta and those flying saucers from the film Batteries Not Included. But what do they taste like?

They are edible! Very edible! They are not meat or pasta but some kind of pickled vegetable and taste a bit like gherkin but with the texture of fig! I can tell you, after the pickled mussels I needed a break.

But what to do with them? Well, because lately I’ve been over complicating things with fine dining and what not, and because I am massively hungover, I thought I’d do a take on bacon and eggs:


I’ve already crisped up the bacon and I’m going to make a bacon and ‘yellow pickled thing’ salad and turn the eggs into an omelette with a haunted piece of Emental in it. And here’s the results:

finished 2So what’s it taste like?

The combination of flavours is good and the yellow pickled things cut through the richness of the bacon and egg very nicely and add a interesting taste to the whole dish. I’m happy with this.

So overall, a happy shopping experience for a change! But what do you think? What are these things and have you tried them? What shall I cook next?

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4 thoughts on “Rolnik Patisony Marynowane

  1. I think I’ve cooked with those fresh. They taste just like yellow crookneck squash and they also come in green. They had a nice mild flavor.

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