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Epic Fridge Challenge


So I was looking into my fridge wondering what I could cook next and then it struck me what a great idea it would be if my readers told me what to cook! 

So, we have two rashers of bacon, some beer, a few olives, some coconut cream, some Olivio spread, some filtered water, blueberries and in the fridge door are two eggs. There are also some vegetables at the bottom of the fridge:


We have spinach, sugar snap peas, lemon grass, ginger, garlic, birds eye chillis, jalapenos chillis (I think).

So here’s the deal, these ingredients must form the centerpiece of whatever recipe you send me; but you also have access to a dizzying array of spices, oils and condiments:

….and some carbohydrates


…and some baking stuff


So, lots of options and here’s what I propose: go over to my Facebook group and type a brief outline of what you would do and the idea with the most likes I will cook. And I mean I *will cook.

I’ll probably leave this running for a few days to see where it takes us.

*save some young scamp suggesting I put everything into a big pot



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