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I’m In Taiwan Stuffing Myself Again


^^^ Fantastica, FACT.

I’ve been on the island for around abouts 3 days now and already have ate 4234 times my body weight in various foods.

First night my girlfriend (GF) brought back some of these things on a stick:


Chicken hearts, fairly tasteless and chewy “usually they’re better than this” she tells me.

And then this rice cake ‘ting:


As I was chewing it saying to myself “this is really chewy”, GF be all like “it’s been soaked in pigs blood”. A rice black pudding then! Rice cake black pudding was totally decent, although I’m not sure you could stick it in a full Scottish breakfast without someone saying “c’moan man, that’s nae a pure black puddin; it’s a fucken rice crispy hingby fae fucken Tai-fucken-wan ye fucken chancer!”

Speaking of breakfast, we had bamboo and mayonnaise for desert:


Which was OK but maybe would have worked better with some maple syrup or yoghurt.

In Taiwan you’ll get invited out for meals and they’re always ALWAYS totally excessive. On the second night me and GF went to a very busy ‘choose your own big fish from a tank and we’ll cook it X different ways for you’ restaurant near Shimen reservoir.


And for our first course we had the rare Taiwanese delicacy of Martell Cordon Bleu cognac. Erm…


And then I started trying to document dishes as they came to the table, one by one:


Deep fried fish tail with spring onions, chilli and teriyaki sauce. A bit boney but tasty.


Melon with oyster (right), sea cucumber with pork and vegetables. Former was kinda a slimy and tasted a bit like the ocean (cliche!); and the latter I dunno, but never, ever, would have guessed pesky sea cucumber.

I soon realised trying to take individual shots of everything was utterly pointless as food kept piling up, so in the end I just took a group photo, thusly:


Bottom, deep fried fish tail, then *clockwise:

  • Fried noodles
  • Hotpot with tofu: a bit gloopy because they put some kind of thickener in there which I didn’t like so much but it tasted OK
  • Fish head casserole
  • Silver wire roll
  • Steamed fish with sweet sauce: fish was tender but – again – a wee bit bony in places. Sauce was teriyaki like but a bit sweeter than the fish tail dish.
  • Peanuts!
  • Middle: seafood hotpot with tofu, vegetables and fish. Was light and subtle.

*excludes some dishes previously mentioned and others that just didn’t fit on the table or because I was shit faced and forgot to take pictures ‘natch.

Three days into my trip to Taiwan and I’ll be updating the blog as I encounter new and interesting things. But one thing I’d like to point out: jet lag is a bitch and here I am at 4:30 AM tapping away on my Mac eating a breakfast pancake of fried pork, spring onion and egg with some seriously hot chilli sauce:


This was totally awesome and kinda made up for the insomnia.

I’m on twitter FYI.


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    1. i’ve got another post coming where I had just that. Don’t know where it was but it was amaaaaazing

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