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Ordering a Milkshake

So I’m off drinking all this month and have decided to replace beer with chocolate ice cream milkshakes, as you do, and I make these milkshakes by combining chocolate ice cream with milk and then blending.  Continue reading “Ordering a Milkshake”

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Shoes – A Guest Post By Jacob Skelton

Last night I did a silly thing. Whilst watching the first half of the England game in the soccer ball world football competition I rashly commented that I would eat a shoe if Wayne Rooney putted a try into the basket. I clearly know nothing about football. Then the sodding bastard scored. So now I must now eat a shoe… Continue reading “Shoes – A Guest Post By Jacob Skelton”

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Rig Bike Store Is Ace!


I got this at Rig Bike Store in Glasgow where all the bike messengers hang out. This is a pulled pork chiabatta wit nachos, assorted dipping things and it was lovely. It only cost me £3 which is CHEAP!

So if you’re ever in Glasgow pop over to Rig bike store on the corner of West Regent Street and West Campbell Street and say hi to Ingrid and Brian while you’re there.

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Folks Find My Famous Site Using Search Engines Part 3

And they keep getting stranger and stranger…

the goodness in eating grass

damien hirst human skull in space

can of iron bru up a chicken

cat gely

when i was a baby auto biography

kentucky fried chicken, my dog, gravy

what does can of irn bru up chicken when cooking do??

mushrooms vs toadstools

Well there we go and as usual here is where I tell you about the Observer Food Monthly awards: I’m gunning for best food blog and if you find this concept as funny as I do then vote for me here.

Working up the courage for my next blog post FYI hence the short one here.

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Under The Skin – A Short Review Plus Other Blogging Matters

I’m going to start blogging about food soon I promise but last night I went to the cinema to see Under The Skin by Jonathan Glazer about an alien body snatcher played by Scarlett Johansson who cruises around the streets of Glasgow picking up men to dissolve in large vats of …. stuff. And I totally have to tell you about it.

I think I’m on fairly safe grounds when I say it is one of the strangest films I have ever seen. Aside from the fact that a lot of the action is shot incognito of real people milling around shops etc there is a bleak, minimal, screeching electronic soundtrack and virtually no dialogue. I recognised some Kubrick influences too: one scene in particular is at once ethereal, horrific, poignant and smacks slightly of 2001.

So probably worth catching if it’s on near-by. But be prepared for a pretty unsettling experience.

In other blogging matters I have a facebook page which has 462 likes and it turns out it’s useless because only 20% of my readers ever see my updates. In fact, the last update was seen by 66/462 which is epically bad. So if you like my blog and are on the facebook page or whatever do you reckon you could do me a massive favour and join the email sub list? I will be eternally grateful (you can also follow me on Twitter too). Incidentally, if you have a facebook page I would say don’t bother for reasons above and devote your efforts into building a decent email following.

Finally, still loving babymetal…

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People Find My Famous Site Using Search Engines Part 2

You can’t make this lot up:

“cum on food egg white”


“nigella lawson cum on her face”


“felix good as vomiting”


“hershey’s chocolate cheesy”

Even more incomprehensibly

“im a noodle super hero i have noodle”


“i over cooked sushi rice”

More tragically 

“what happens when you cook mince beef wrongly”

And most wonderously

“felix as good as it looks cat keeps vomiting”

And if you the mood takes you I’ve entered this blog event thing and I might get a chance to go to an awards do where I can drink myself virtually unconscious on the free bar before making a rambling and incoherent acceptance speech.