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Cheap Fast Pizza


I was watching some TV program where they were making pizzas and I got really hungry and thought to myself “I’m going to make a pizza”. So I totally did!

Pizzas are usually a mighty faff to make because you have to make the dough with yeast etc and leave it to rise for a few hours and then use a really fancy oven to get the right results. I have neither the time nor the equipment for such endeavours, or the inclination. What I do have is some basic ingredients and a hungry girlfriend. So without further ado, let’s get our cheap, fast and very authentic pizza on the go!

I start by assembling my ingredients:


Plain strong flour, tin chopped tomatoes, some tomato paste, mozzarella, fresh basil.

First I make a basic sauce my combining 1 tablespoon of the paste with half the tin of tomatoes along with a dash of fish sauce:


And once that has cooked through for about 5 mins I transfer to a container and set aside.

Next, I make a basic pizza dough by mixing some flour, water and salt.


After working for a few minutes to ‘work the gluten’ (I don’t know what to say here, tell me in the comments) I use a wine bottle to roll out the dough into a basic pizza shape:


Now, this is where it all gets a bit unorthodox. You see, the secret to a great pizza is the temperature of the oven and I don’t have a great one so I figured I would use a technique I tried before which is the ‘hot frying pan-grill method’.

I put my base into a hot, dry frying pan:


After about 3 minutes or until the bottom has started to colour, I add the tomato sauce:


Closely followed by some mozzarella and fresh basil leaves:


And then it’s off to a ridiculously hot grill for a further 4 minutes:


A few minutes later just checkout what we have!


Annnnnnnnnd how’s it taste?

I can’t fault the tomato base or the cheese or the taste in general; it’s very nice indeed and because the base is burnt you get that super nice traditional wood fired taste you only get with hot ovens. What I would say is that I shouldn’t have put in the base to a relatively cold frying pan as it is a fraction dry and firm.

It takes a couple more goes but on my third attempt and by using a 3mm base and a stupid hot frying pan I get the best effort:IMG_2319

The base this time is softer, but still firm, lighter. A great result!

Overall, and for the time and money spent, this is a wonderful effort and is definitely something you should try; it only takes 15 minutes from start to finish; if you’re after a fast and cheap alternative to store bought pizza, then this is for you.

But what do you think? What does working gluten do? Do you have a hot oven? Do you like babymetal? See you in the comment section or on huffpost or twitter!


1 tbsp tomato paste

2/3 tin tinned tomato (I changed it)

1 tsp fish sauce for the tomato base

Bunch basil leaves

200g strong plain flour and 150 mls water, pinch of salt, for the base

125g Buffalo mozzarella, chopped.


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11 thoughts on “Cheap Fast Pizza

    1. caputo 00 is essential because it has a high gluten content. Your pictures sure show an amazing base. Apparently, if you leave the dough to prove overnight it really does make the difference and this is exactly what you did! (up to three days)

  1. Why fish sauce? Is it a substitute for anchovy filets or did you use it for another reason?

    I find I have had good results for pizza with a mixture (50-50) of whole wheat pastry flour and all purpose flour. The book I got the idea from wanted me to use white pastry flour but I blew them off and used whole wheat instead. Also good, whole spelt flour.

    1. I used fish sauce to enrichen the tomato base and for seasoning too.

      ive been told to use bread flour for the base next time as it has more gluten

  2. Thats pretty much how you make a flatbread in any case and is therefore the middle eastern way . I agree with others; I use yeast in my flatbreads and dont usually bother to prove as it just wastes time. In any case if you over prove the dough you get a pillow like flatbread which is a bit harder to manage. Pan does need to be super hot just like you now know. I kill non stick frying pans very quickly doing this. Try adding a little (teaspoon) olive oil to the dough as well – makes it nice and elastic.

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