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Fairy Liquid


I was round my friend’s house and saw this by the sink and was all like “I bet Fairly Liquid is a much underused cooking ingredient” and that was all the inspiration I needed for another incredible food adventure!

So what’s inside the bottle?

in the bottle


And how does it taste?

Fairly disgusting you will be surprised to hear. I guess it tastes how it smells; like pine resin, like grass, like chemicals. But when you swallow some it burns, quite badly and I have to urgently rinse my foamy mouth out. But the most curious thing about Fairy Liquid is how oily it is…. which is kinda cool because this has given me a great idea for a fantastically original dish.

I’m going to totally fry something in it.

Like these prawns!


I start by removing the heads, tails, and shells:


And I’m really worried about food poisoning so I remove the vein by slicing the prawn down the middle of its spine (I know this sounds absurd as I’m going to be frying them in soap).


Next I assemble some other ingredients which I think will go well with the aromas of the detergent:


Some lemon juice, a sundried tomato, chilli flakes.

So let’s get this incredible prawn fry-up on the go shall we!

I begin by adding some oil and Fairy Liquid to a frying pan:


And then add my ingredients…

Which is where things began to go ever so slightly wrong:


Maybe rather predictably, everything began to foam up and begin to burn…but that didn’t phase me too much.

After, erm, frying for a further minute I plate up my incredibly original crustacean dish:

finishedPan seared prawns with chilli, lemon, tomato and Fairy Liquid

Annnnd how does it taste?

You will be surprised to learn it is absolutely disgusting. Repulsive. Vomit inducing. Overpoweringly chemicall-y.  Oily, weirdly fragrant (in a nasty pine way). And it really burns my mouth, but that could be the chilies as well as the Fairy Liquid.

Overall a total disaster, but I guess you saw that coming. But on the plus side, my frying pan was super easy to clean!


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11 thoughts on “Fairy Liquid

  1. Keep the good work up, foodeblog person
    A friend of mine went on a camping trip with his wife’s family in Australia. One evening he offered to rustle up a salad to go with their barbecue, but what he thought was olive oil turned out to be fairy liquid.
    His father-in-law was the first to sample the salad. ‘Hmm, very lemony,’ he said, as the bubbles started coming out of his mouth

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