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I was round my friends house and was really hungry and looked in the fridge and saw this and was all like “simple food adventure”.

You can do a few things with fennel but due to the total lack of other ingredients save for some milk and onions and spices and a stock pot I reckoned the best course of action was a milk and fennel soup:

ingredients1/2tspn fennel (aniseed taste), cumin (dunno), 1 pod cardamom seeds (very aromatic), stock pot (umami).

I begin by softening some onions in a sauce pan:


After 5 minutes I add the grated fennel, including the leaves (loads of flavour)

shaved fennel

Next, I add a half pint milk, half pint water, some chopped corriander, the spices and the stock pot:


And I leave this to cook for 20 minutes after which I attempt to blend in the world’s smallest blender:


The final step is to serve with some Greek yogurt and some grated cheese!


And how does it taste?

Really nice and very well balanced!  I like how the seeds add loads of aromatic flavours to the dish (though I’m not sure about the cumin :() and the cheese works really well because it combines with the milk to make the dish richer, but I’m not so sure about the yogurt as the soup doesn’t really need cut. With a couple minor tweaks eg not using the cumin seeds and maybe adding some grated Parmesan just before serving, then you would have a killer soup! (oh, and use a good chicken stock).

But what do you think? Have you used milk in soups or would you have used different spices in this case? You can use the comments section below or twitter to tell me!

And also the email sub form ^^^

(this dish cost <£1 and serves 3)


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