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A Valentines Special


I was looking around my cupboards for something to cook for my imaginary girlfriend (IGF) valentines’ afternoon lunch when I saw this four year out of date can of black treacle and I though “this is the pinnacle of romanticism”.

So, what’s inside the jar?


Anyone seen Prometheus?

Anyway, the treacle is amazingly viscous and tastes very sweet, just like me 🙂 It has a pronounced malty note and is not in any way unpleasant; this could work with a lot of things so I have a look around the fridge and find some diced pork fillet:

pfI really took this picture BTW.

So I’m going all out to impress IGF and figure a sticky treacle pork terriyaki over rice along side an intriguing salad will be just the ticket to a heavenly although totally fictitious and imagined, lonely valentines day (TFIVD).

I start by marinading my pork in lime juice, soy sauce and the four year out of date black treacle:marinating.pork

As you may have spotted, I had a bit of a nightmare during the studio photography session and deleted a whole bunch of images by accident, so am using some realistic stand-ins I got from the interwebs.

As that marinates, I look into my fridge and pull out the following for my salad:


A quarter melon (very ripe), some blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumber. The plan here is to make the salad very contrasting ie sweet and sour; the blue cheese should add an earthy note to compliment the treacle. FYI the dressing I used was mango chutney, balsamic vinegar, capers. NOM NOM.

Next, I add the pork to a very hot pan with all the marinating juices and flash fry for about 3 minutes or until the sauce has began to caremelise…


The final step is to serve over rice and my unusual sweet and sour salad…


…..and how’s it taste?

I think this would have worked even better with more treacle, perhaps 1 tblspn instead of 1tsp; as I thought, the melon and cucumber salad contrasts and cuts through the pork super well. However,  I’m not sure about the blue cheese and really think it would have been something special with something like feta. But all being said and done, this would super please IGF if she existed, which she doesn’t.

But maybe YOU could cook something like this for your real BF or GF and if you do, why not fire over to my facebook or twitter pages to tell other food lovers all about how it went!

Also huffpost sometimes…


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2 thoughts on “A Valentines Special

  1. I have never thought of using treacle to cook with, have only ever used in desserts, super idea, I bet this pork was delicious.
    Thanks for the treacle lesson, now I have to go and see what other things I can use my treacle in.

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