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Mysterious Bag


I met a fan of the blog in Glasgow yesterday when we  arranged to meet up after she got in contact about a mysterious ingredient “I don’t like them, they tasted funny”. Hmmm, given the fact that whatever it is is residing inside a paper pharmacy bag and leaking something blood coloured I’m reckoning this is a human heart or eyeball or uh I dunno a ghost.

So, as they say,…what’s inside the bag?

insode packet

No ghost alas, but I think they are some kind of vegetable and caremelised something? I don’t know….but how do they taste?

I like them. They are very sweet, rich, slightly salty. They taste a bit like tea as well so I’m wondering if they’re pickled in tea and sugar. If you know what they are maybe you could leave a comment?

But what to do with them?

I’m super hungry so I’m going to flex my professional chef’s arms and treat this very seriously indeed ergo I’m going to make something I can actually eat instead of something I can play with. I’m sure you can cut me some slack after some of the antics I’ve been getting up to recently.

So here’s what I’m going to do: a fritatta made with the pickles, 3 eggs, dash single cream, mesquite chillies and parmesan cheese; the mesquite chillies by the way have a rich tea-like flavour which should sit nice with the pickles:

sauce ingreds

And I’m going to compliment the richness and sweetness of that with a vinaigrette of reduced balsamic vinegar, some water, tiny dash olive oil, lemon juice and wholegrain mustard (basil for garnish):

fritata ingreds


I then add the egg mix to a hot non stick frying pan and fry, moving continuously for about 3 mins or until the eggs are almost cooked. Towards the end of the cooking process I add in the parmesan (you don’t want to cook parmesan if you can avoid it):


I then don my pretentious food blog glasses and serve like a boring food snob:


……and how’s it taste?

Yeah, really good, although the vinaigrette could do with more lemon as the fritatta is quite rich but once I’ve added more the whole dish sits pretty well together and I’m happy.

So, yeah, I know, veering dangerously close to serious food blogging there but I was hungry damn it! I’ll be back to more irreverent things next post. Until then you should head over to the Facebook page or hit me up on Twitter.

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