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Day 4 In Malaysia – Cats

2015-02-03 12.41.16

On our way to breakfast we walked past a restaurant and there were these two cats in a cage and I was all like “I bet those cats are happy in that cage” and my GF was all like “they’re pets”.

Aye, right.

*Cough* anyway, it’s day 4 of my epic Malaysian food world tour 2015 and me and GF were looking for breakfast on our way to a tour of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.

In an underground station was a cafe and we ordered a green tea and a caramel cake thing with our coffee:

2015-02-04 12.05.43

These were really excellent; like panettone or a chewy sweet bread. I would totally have these again. Cost including coffee: 6 pounds (coffee over here is expensive!).

After our tower tour, we looked for restaurants for lunch and had to discount this one for animal cruelty:

2015-02-04 12.36.50

We eventually found a restaurant in the Petronas shopping complex and we ordered beef Rendang and Ipoh prawn and chicken noodle soup:

2015-02-04 14.21.09

My beef was amazingly coconutty, rich and tender; the Ipoh suited my GF because she needed something light after the altitude she had been to (or whatever). But as you can see, there are some green chilies on the table and I totally added all these to the beef Rendang and kinda regretted it because they were hot. You sound surprised. Cost including 2 drinks: 9 pounds:

For dinner we headed back to China Town and stopped at a restaurant called Kam Kee where we ordered Belacan Kangkung (vegetables with fermented shrimp) and deep fried ‘chicken frog’, which was basically totally ‘frog’:

2015-02-04 20.59.12

I wasn’t impressed with the fermented shrimp vegetable dish because they reminded me of cat food, but the frog was amazing: a texture very close to cod with maybe a hint of chicken; while the simple serving of caramelised garlic and chilli worked amazingly well! I shall definitely be having frog again!

Throughout our meal we were interrupted by the World’s Loudest Yapping Cat, which was going up to all the tables DEMANDING food, but before I had a chance to photograph it, the wee bam made a run for it:

2015-02-04 21.11.25Cost of meal including drinks and excluding cat: 7 pounds.

So, have you tried to photograph a cat on the run? Have you tried eating cat food and frogs? You haven’t? Well maybe you should, and while you do that, you should totally follow me on Twitter.


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