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Day 3 In Malaysia


As many visitors to my once world famous food blog know I am still in Msia stuffing my face with food. I also appear to have hired a professional photographer because today’s breakfast looks totally amazing!

Actually, it looked more like this:


This is Roti Canai, a very stretchy, high gluten, flat bread served with sauces of lentil and fish curry. It was really very nice and I did not get ill either, which is cool seeing we bought it off a rat-infested street ‘dealer’ for the comedy price of 1 pound 50 including 2 condensed milk teas.

For lunch we headed to China Town for some Assam Laksa from another street vendor. Assam Laksa is a dish made with noodles, lots of mint and a scary looking soup base:pots

With the pineapple, cucumber, you can add chilies:


Which I didn’t go near after yesterday’s incident. Anyway, our dish came with poached mackerel:


Assam Laksa is very sour and has some interesting flavours kicking around, though I wasn’t too fond of the mackerel because the poaching had made it very dry; and I though the mint was a fraction overpowering. Finally, there was just was a weird background flavour I didn’t get, as if I was eating a slightly malevolent alien. Overall, I would try this again, but from a different dealer as I don’t think this one knew what they were doing.

After another few hours of wandering around we were recommended this traditional Chinese street market:


It was very busy and very hard to figure out how to order or pay for anything, but eventually we got some noodles which came with a nice sweet sauce and an interesting ‘red’ sauce. Cost: 40p.

Behind where we were sat was a queue for deep fried ‘stuff’, which to someone living in Glasgow was something I couldn’t afford to miss! But being too shy/foreign/clueless, I sent my half-Chinese GF into battle:


After about 20 mins she returned with:


Deep fried tofu, chilies stuffed with fish paste, served over a light fish stock. This was nice, and only cost around a pound and fifty pence.

Finally we took a trip to the Petronas towers:

towersWhich were, like, tall. Still, I think instead of oil companies building fancy towers into the sky, they should maybe invest that oil cash in local communities and so on and so forth. Erm.

But what do you think? Been to Msia? Tried any of this stuff? Think I should steer clear of social commentary? Great! Then hook me up on Twitter!


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