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I’m In Malaysia Stuffing My Face

Having not written about food for ages on account of a diversion into music, I decided to take a two week trip to Malaysia to see GF where I am documenting all the crazy food adventures I am having out here! Here are days 1 and 2.

 Day 1


I arrived fairly late so we didn’t have time to do much save travel to China Town in Kuala Lumpur where we were staying. In the picture above is a dude chopping up fresh coconuts. The water is served with or without flesh and over ice. It’s nice and totally full of electrolytes which one needs to replace when it’s 90 degrees, what what.


And this is some random drink called Asamboi (GF thinks) which is a type of fruit juice; it is very sweet and not particularly flavourful, but hey.

Day 2


This is a picture a massive stone dog like the ones out of the film Ghostbusters.


Apparently when you slip and fall on a wet floor in Malaysia you have to shout “Yay!” whilst doing your best impression of a springboard diver.


We only had one meal on day 2 and before we got it we had fresh watermelon juice (L) and barley water (R), the latter tasting of sugar puffs and sugary water. Nice! And you’ll also notice empty plates with some water in them; this is boiling water and it’s used to sterilise everything.

Then we had special fried rice with marinaded pork. It came with optional red chilies which I totally sprinkled all over and regretted instantly because they were mutant death chilies from the planet FIRE.


After my mouth came-to, we wandered round to a street vendor selling beef, chicken, tripe and lamb satay; I managed to piss him off ‘cos I kept asking for 1 skewer at a time when everyone else was buying 3.


The satay sauce was interesting; very lumpy, sweet and probably made with lemon zest in addition to the peanut.

Costs: coconut and Asamboi 40p each; stirfry rice and drinks just under 3 pounds; satay 20p each.

ps: went for head and shoulder massage after which was unyeilding agony; 8 pounds for 30 mins.


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