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A Day Out With Fraser


So after my crushing defeat at the UK blog awards me and a friend decided to hit London and get really drunk and eat some foods I’ve never had before.

First up we went to a restaurant and had some snails:

photo 1 copy

They came with loads of butter and garlic. But how did they taste?

I think snails have a nice texture, chewy but not tough, very slightly crunchy in places. They taste ever so subtly of soil or the smell of a hot sunny day when its just been raining. That about sums up snails and you should totally try them if you haven’t already.

Next, we went down brick lane and encountered the usual mix of hipsters and dogs wearing shades:

photo 2

BTW I am not some kind of freak with really short legs, I am kneeling down.

Then it was off to ‘London’s best Indian’, Tayyabs:

photo 3

What we have here is chicken tikka, some fish thing, lamb chop tikka and shish kebab.

Most of it was fairly decent. The chicken was totally acceptable as were the two lamb dishes, but the fish which was hopelessly dry and didn’t taste particularly fresh either. We also had some kind of daal dish which was nice and rich I suppose. I noticed we got the usual ‘Indian restaurant salad’ of shredded lettuce, quartered tomato and cucumber which we didn’t touch and neither did anyone else near us (they are missing a trick here; why not some kind of sour cabbage, pickled onions, capers type deal?). Overall, a fairly run of the mill Indian but maybe I got them on a bad day cos Fraser tells me Tayyabs is usually killer.

After that we got very drunk at the Dolphin in Hackney, ran into some colourful locals and I think I drank something containing blood; it was odd tasting, savoury, salty, metallic, garlic-y,  and red and from Turkey. Anyone?

So my London trip was fun and I shall be blogging about something edible later this week I suppose, but if you’re bored and you like my blog and want me to win something for a change, I’ve entered The Observer Food Monthly awards and maybe you could go vote for me? Free tin of cat food in it for you.

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