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A Night Out At The 2014 Blogging Awards!


So I was down at some fancy and very professionally organised awards thing last night in London. It was loads of fun except for the fact I didn’t win (and quite frankly I didn’t deserve to). As part of the celebrations we all got a goody bag, which everyone was super excited about what would be inside!


First up is a carton of Funkin Mojito mixer! Just add ice and spirit and you too will be the life and soul of any cocktail party!


Next, it’s only a tea bag, a mini tub of toothpaste and a random plastic object which you can stick to your fridge!  Or a wall I guess.

But we’re nowhere near done yet!


A peanut butter flavoured drink! In packet form! Is there no end to the bounty in this bag!

floorin samples

No! Some random flooring samples! I can’t believe my luck! I’m decorating my sock drawer tomorrow and these will make an excellent and unusual addition to the newspaper currently lining it.

And it wasn’t only me who couldn’t contain their excitement at the plethora of ethnic items in their goody bag…


Rachel and Lorna are stunned with joy as they managed to wangle a single roll of wallpaper in addition to the cocktail mix! Party on girls!

To be fair, there was also a usb stick, some chocolate cookies and a pen which were kinda useful so the goody bag wasn’t as random as I’ve made out.

So all in all, and light fun poked at the expense of the goody bag aside, I did have loads of fun, met some lovely, talented folks, and thought the evening was very professionally organised, ie nothing like this blog, which is a bit rubbish really.

Back to blogging next week.


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8 thoughts on “A Night Out At The 2014 Blogging Awards!

    1. i was thinking that but couldnt be arsed. it would have been a home decorating one where i rearranged everything and stuck stuff to the ceiling (ie rotated photo 180)

    1. yeah, it happened, like, ages ago and you totally missed it. There were no fishing categories though.

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