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British Airways Economy Airline Food


So I’m taking the blog stateside for LOLs and on the way out flew with British Airways. During the flight I recieved some delicious and amazing food which I simply had to blog about!

As an amuse bouche before my ‘main meal’ I was offered a selection of astonishing apertifs:


Here we have an orange juice (from concentrate) and a vintage red wine which surprisingly turned out to be delightfully vinegary and tart.

Next, we were off to the main event, a bento box of assorted food delights from across the world!!


I think we have ‘Chicken Thing’, ‘Chocolate Thing’, Vintage White and Red Vinegar Things, ‘Bread Thing’ and last but not least ‘Mystery Salad Object’

Wow! incredible!

And how did it all taste?

Chicken Thing was actually quite nice; the chicken wasn’t as hopelessly dehydrated as I thought it would be and was only a fraction saltier than the Dead Sea. The mashed potato that came with was made with cheese and complimented the chicken just fine. Mystery Salad Object turned out to be some kind of apple coleslaw and cut through the richness of the other ingredients nicely. The desert of ‘Chocolate Thing’ was very nice indeed and I only wish there was more!

finished bento

So, overall, my food experience on British Airways was a decent pass!

I also FYI watched a few films which were ‘Mud’ directed by Jeff Nichols which was absoultely excellent and then the utterly hillariously bad ‘After Earth’ staring Will Smith, and finally, Pacific Rim, of which I managed a stunning 15 minutes┬ábefore I fell asleep.

So, have you flown British Airways and sampled their highly experimental Bento boxes and crazy choice of inflight entertainment? You have? That’s AMAZING! why don’t you fly on over to my Facbook page and tell other food dorks all about your experience!

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