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Happy Shopper Chicken & Vegetable Cup Soup

cup a soup

I am taking time out from my professional chef’s kitchen to see my folks in Dumfries and it was here that I came across this exceptional ingredient hiding at the back of a cupboard…

To be honest I was a little stuck with what to do with it because the obvious options like using it as part of a pasta sauce or souffle or whatevs were boring so I popped over to my Facebook page and asked fellow food geeks what they would do and the wonderfully styled Baron Septimus Tardesque-Oatmeal suggested some kind of savoury jelly…

Great idea! So I think I’m going to make something very similar, a delicious savoury Panna Cotta using these ingredients:


First, I’m going to mix 1/2 pint milk, 2 teaspoons gelatin, 1 tablespoon soured cream and 3/4 packet of Cup Soup into a saucepan:


…and whisk over a high heat till everything has dissolved.

The next step was to transfer some of this mixture to a shaping ramekin which I place in a fridge. I was rather worried that it wouldn’t set so instead of poking it every five minutes I went for a walk in some haunted woods:

haunted woods

After about 90 minutes I return to see if it has set….and it has! Perfectly! But I felt something was missing; after pacing up and down the kitchen muttering “what would Heston do? What would Heston do? What would Heston do? What would Heston do? What would Heston do? What would Heston do? What would Heston do? What would Heston do? What would Heston do? What would Heston do? What would Heston do? What would Heston do? What would Heston do? What would Heston do?” over and over and over again, I decided to use:

tango shock rocks

Orange flavour popping candy! Well duh!

And without further ado, here’s the final result:


So, how’s it taste?

I am ashamed to admit it tastes best when you have large amounts of popping candy; the Cup Soup obviously has a lot of corn flour which makes the texture rather sticky and the popping candy really cuts through that. I think there is also a fraction too much gelatin because it is quite firm, but this might be to your liking.

Overall I’m going to give this a marginal fail (sad face). But! with a bit of tweaking eg use good chicken stock, cream, lemon, fresh herbs, this would make a very interesting starter.

So, have you tried any savoury jellies, panna cottas etc etc? If you have then you could pop over to my facebook page and talk about it!

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