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Bol Keralan Chicken Curry Review


So ah wuz doon ma local Sainsbury’s uhn a mate hud bought a packet o this stuff un ah thought tae masel “ach, go oan, gee it a go” so ah bought a packet un wuz all thinkin “ah bet this is really bland and poorly thought out and tastes like that other coconut curry I got from Sainsburys”.

Un when ah got back tae ma office ah put it the micorwave for 3 minutes just like the instructions said and ah read aboot the lady who made it up and it turns oot this is a wellness kind of dish so I was pure thinkin’ “this is gonna be fucking disgusting. Ah dinnae even huf tae try it tae know it’s gonna be put together by somwun wae all the taste buds o’ a shovell”.

So when ah got back tae my desk and took ma first forkfull ah was all like “fuck me this is not only bland but has some weird mustardy background flavour that smacks of some kind of industrial solvent” an uh was so incensed ah took tae ma eild food blog tae pure write aboot ma awful experience.

So this is a pure product review, ken, and I mark Bol Keralan Coconut Chicken 4/10

image pure copyright BOL Foods.


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