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Baby Bio – For Healthy Plants


I was round my professional chef friend’s kitchen when I saw this and was all like “I bet no one has tried to create a gourmet meal with Baby Bio” …

Baby Bio may well be ‘for healthy plants’ but this doesn’t mean it’s for ‘healthy humans’ so I quickly consulted the ingredients for a skull and crossbones or other harmful icons and found none, which was good because things like phosphorous pentoxide and potassium oxide didn’t sound particularly delicious.

So, lets have look at the contents shall we?


….and how does it taste?

Indescribably bitter. It has no aroma but the bitterness is like a big angry bitter monster that is currently assaulting my bitter receptors at the back and right of my tongue. This is going to be a challenge.

After much careful consideration and to limit any permanent health damage I figure Baby Bio might work as part of a delicious salad dressing with some extra virgin olive oil and rice mirin; maybe this mixture will mask the bitterness of the Baby Bio!


After mixing my ingredients in an appropriate vessel (below; Heston would be so proud) I plate up:


So, how’s it taste?

Inedible. I am distraught, I really thought this would work. The dressing is still hopelessly bitter and makes everything pretty horrible so I throw it onto a compost heap where, lets face it, it’s going to make pretty darn epic compost…


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