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Super Noodles

packetI thought doing Pot Noodle a few posts back would have been enough to satisfy the Super Noodle hounds which bark and taunt and haunt me at every turn, around every corner and sometimes on my Facbook party page. So Enough! I give in! And off I huffed and puffed to my local grocery store to pick up a packet of the stupid stuff…

I guess a good a place to start as any would be to empty the packet and begin the reconstructive process:


But on what unique and mysterious food adventure am I going to take Super Noodles on? A super hero theme? OK? What’s that? You heard what? That Superman’s favourite food was a corned beef burger?


Really? Well OK, if that’s what you want then that’s what you’re gonna get: an incredible Super Noodle corned beef burger! I am literally drooling down my chin onto my professional chef’s kitchen floor at the prospect of such incredible deliciousness.

I start by mixing flour, corned beef and the now sticky and congealed Super Noodles in a bowl:

fritter mix

Oh yeah, so good….

Next I shape the superhero mix into something resembling ‘burger shape’ and transfer to some hot oil in a pan:

in the panm

….and fry these for about 4 minutes in each side until crispy and golden brown.

I then take these incredible, amazing, stunning burgers and plate with a delicate salad, some tomato puree and some yoghurt (for balance):


annnnnnnnd how’s it taste?

The crispy bits are edible it has to be said, but deep inside the burger there still lurks the congealed and sticky Super Noodles, waiting to pounce onto my delicate senses and cause much distress! Moreover, the corned beef adds to the sickly nature of the dish by making the burger feel quite granular. After a few ‘goes’ I figure that the Super Noodle burger is a really dumb idea and is not going to pass muster. So, failage, I just hope I haven’t angered the Super Noodle hounds who might have me arrested for crimes against humanity! Oh Nose!

So, are you one of those Super Noodle fans? Well, even if you’re not, it might be cool of you headed over to my Facebook page if you haven’t done so already and join in the conversation with the other food luvvers there….

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ps if you want to send ingredients to me, I’m totally into that.


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