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All You Need To Know About Cocktails


On a recent trip to San Francisco I had the pleasure of visiting a most intriguing cocktail bar run by a Mr Timothy Stookey, a veteran of the City’s bar scene. Tim now runs the excellently styled Stookey’s Club Moderne in the center of town and before I drank myself into a coma one evening I suggested he might want to fill me in about all this cocktail business, old-school style.

Which he totally did! Continue reading “All You Need To Know About Cocktails”

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Cooking With Paul Dacre

paul dacre

As many visitors to this site know, I am a big fan of the Daily Mail as they published my thing about cat food and grass. So I think I need to write something for the paper’s no nonsense, straight talking very astute editor Paul Dacre Continue reading “Cooking With Paul Dacre”