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Malaysia – Final Day

And Lo it came to pass that the Lord said my trip to Malaysia had to come to an end. And what a 13 days its been! Lots of food, hardly any alcohol (GF is tee total) and too much sun.

For our last day we headed down to Melaka and a spot of chinese pork belly and barbecue pork:

2015-02-13 13.53.50

The pork belly was very good with just the right amount of crackling; the BBQ pork was very sweet, but not overly so and one could really pick out the aniseed and plum flavours in the marinade. Cost including 2 drinks: 5 pounds.

On the way to a museum GF picked up some totally mental sweets made from durian:

2015-02-13 15.34.27

Back in the day the day there was a horror film called The Blob and I guess the texture and consistency of this stuff reminded me of that. At one point half my face was covered with this strange sticky gunk and I had real trouble eating it; and that’s without getting into the strange-as -hell taste, which was one of apple sauce, toffee and garlic. Yep, not something I want to repeat. Cost: 1 pound.

When we got to the museum of Malaysian Architecture we found out what actually happened to Tupac Shakur:

2015-02-13 14.48.41He had been turned into a wooden golem forever cursed to hew and saw at a fake lump of furniture. HAHA!!


The site of a fake wooden reincarnation of Tupac was too much for GF to bear and she downed her sorrows into a ‘Thugs Life’ mocktail of crushed ice, sweetcorn, peanuts, lychee, some jelly stuff and condensed milk:

2015-02-13 15.39.42

Yo, this was some straight up f*cked up shit right here bro. Yet strangely nice and costing only 1 pound!

Then we headed back to KL where we hit up some local Chinese place where we ordered roast duck and prawn crackers

2015-02-13 21.43.20

I think the crackers were fried in lard or something because they had a very rich taste; and the duck was obviously cooked with a whole load of aromatics like star anise, cinnamon and pepper, for it was very flavourful (if a bit bony). Cost including 2 660ml beers and a soft drink 12 pounds.

Before we got home we walked past ‘Bacon Mountain’:

2015-02-13 22.27.24

Which was interesting.

Anyway, that’s my epic Malaysian food tour at an end and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and probably doubled my waist line in the process! I dare say back to Japanese music or dubious food stuffs in due course, but I first have to survive a fourteen hour plane trip back to London <bored face> lolz.

But what did you think of all my travel exploits? Did you like Tupak? Or did you think he’s better off in wooden form, out of the way of causing underage girls any, erm, problems? Either way, hook me up on Twitter and we can talk about it!


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