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Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce


So I’ve been hanging out on various food forums and I’ve noticed they kept mentioning this stuff and yapping on about how good it is so I went down my local Tesco Metro and totally bought some.

So, what’s inside the bottle?



An’ wassit taste like?

Oh my. Oh well well well…

Let’s say this, I am typing up this blog post ages later and I’ve progressed to eating it straight out the bottle. OK, maybe it is a little salty, but it’s also tangy, very rich, very umami, sweet, peppery. Srirarcha is ridiculously addictive; its chilli sauce crack is all I’m saying.

But lets go back in time and figure out what I’m going to do with this stuff…

I’m not really quite sure so I consult the back of the bottle and see that it says “Srirarcha hot chilli sauce is…ready to use with roasted or cold cut meat, kebab or just add to give your favourite dish a sizzling kick!”

Well, this could be interesting because my favourite dish is ice cream so it looks like I’m going to be making Srirarcha flavoured ice cream, which if you think about it could be pretty cool ie instead of sweet and sour I’m going to be making hot and cold. What can possibly go wrong!

I start be assembling the following ingredients:


80mls Sour cream, 80mls yogurt, juice of half a lemon and 1 tsp mango chutney.

I start by adding the ingredients to a bowl:


And after blending we have Srirarcha ice cream base:


I have a quick taste and add a touch of lemon because I figure it needs a bit more cut and then I place into my ice cream maker for 30 mins.

As my Sriracha ice cream sets I figure that it is not enough to serve it by itself so I go back to my professional chef’s fridge and stumble across some king prawns in the freezer:


And I reckon it would be amazing if I made a bizarre prawn cocktail but with my ice cream instead of the usual marie-rose sauce. I am certain of success. You think I fail. I not fail. Only successness.

So, before I get the ice cream out of the oven I de-shell and de-vein the prawns (you MUST de-vein shellfish; a bit more effort but I don’t want food poisoning)…


And transfer to a hot frying pan with no oil for around 2 minutes (I’m not using oil because I want a charred flavour):


The final step is to plate up my Srirarcha ice cream prawn cocktail and serve!


And how does it taste?

It’s really very edible. The ice cream has perhaps too much sour cream and could have done with having more yogurt but the combo of Srirarcha and the seared prawns with everything else and the fact that it is cold makes it an interesting and pleasant experience. I would call this a pass and with a bit more tweaking could be a really interesting dish eg Srirarch frozen yogurt?

So what did you think? Do you reckon you would eat this or maybe you would like to try it out? Well, if you do I would love to hear about it so head over to Twitter or subscribe via the email link somewhere up there ^^^.

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