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Grant’s A & B Roll

Grants A&B Roll I was down at my folks home and was perusing their cupboards for something to cook with and came across this and thought “hmmm, this could be very interesting”

I have no idea what an A&B roll is but I do remember there was a Japanese rare groove funk band during the early 80’s called The AB’s:

And this gave me a GREAT idea: I’m going to have a totally Japanese themed blog post! So get your speakers turned right up, get that clip playing, say everything in a Japanese accent, and lets go east for today’s super-crazy cooking adventure!!

The rest of the post I’ve run through Google translate between English and Japanese 17 times so that it is as, erm, authentic sounding as possible


 soc_4So, I will be able to look at the inside of the tin first.

Do you think there would be some kind of sausage, what is it, with you, I am your food on your list that you know will cause the meat is it me?

inside tin

catYou are considering carefully, so how to handle it

Well, I do not need a pretty scary to me. Interesting to you, full of rich flavor, mixed salad, and you in the case have it to you to fill it, and has a coat of some kind – I you and your I think I think is, it’s tempura, together with me, I will chip sausage shop is, I’m doing it well.ingredients

7The tempura, I begin with a mixture of water and flour

Below, tempura, is the hot part of the leaflet of the fourth degree of my role of the transfer of this B & B court. frying

godzilla60sI: It is necessary to build a salad discharge large for me to cool you.

Couple apples, tomato (skin), capers, pickles, onions slices, I reckon need to cut the richness of the sausage really.


howl2So, it is possible to create a plate, but they have a taste!

That’s awesome! Tempura was crisp, salad works well with it. I was success!


Without you I am, from doing some of the tempura, maybe, it will be thick as it is in the morning in order to be used simply, it means that they are all you need to mature with me. And that it should not have been cooked in the morning, which is reflected in it. Me, doing it, in your case, that it has fallen and I belong to you.


So, this is how I tried to to me to me to me? Incidentally, it is said to cook it, when in spite of this, it is required in the future, it had been arranged so that the? Please tell me the start page of my list of my Facebook my my my my my my my my my!


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11 thoughts on “Grant’s A & B Roll

  1. Teh awesomes, you haz them. I had tomatoey squish -rechauffe, two crumpets with all stuff on and a sugar free yoghurt. Now on the wine.

  2. This looks to Colin absolutely delicious. In order to offset the richness of canned meat tube, I like to use fresh vegetables, onions and tomatoes. The use of imaginative and truly amazing of what might be regarded as dog food Failure to do so at best, well done!

  3. あなたは、驚くべきものだ。特に、音楽を愛する…
    Anata wa, odorokubeki monoda. Tokuni, ongaku o aisuru…

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