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Folks Find My World Famous Site By Typing In Mental Things To Google Part 1,000900,00099

celiac blog colgate toothpaste made me sick

the fly telepod

my elderly cat just sucks the jelly off the cat food

hearties fish

best search engine to find people

cum on food egg white

can i put tomato in my playdough

is it ok for my cat to eat a bit of my chicken

how do you call those big fish fingers

what are ingridiant ar mix in colgat tothpast

how to mix cum with food so they don’t notice

bring back real sugar puffs, they actually tasted of honey

i’m happy with me pot noodle


More food antics soon.

Tell me what stuff to cook on Twitter if you’re super bored tho’

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Folks Find My Famous Site Using Search Engines Part 3

And they keep getting stranger and stranger…

the goodness in eating grass

damien hirst human skull in space

can of iron bru up a chicken

cat gely

when i was a baby auto biography

kentucky fried chicken, my dog, gravy

what does can of irn bru up chicken when cooking do??

mushrooms vs toadstools

Well there we go and as usual here is where I tell you about the Observer Food Monthly awards: I’m gunning for best food blog and if you find this concept as funny as I do then┬ávote for me here.

Working up the courage for my next blog post FYI hence the short one here.